Is Your Doctor Wound Certified?

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Is Your Doctor Wound Certified?

Did you know that up to one-third of the half a billion people around the globe who have diabetes will develop a foot ulcer? Or that of the 185,000 amputations each year in the United States, more than half stem from lower limb infections that started out as an ulcer due to diabetes and peripheral artery disease (PAD)?

At Foot Ankle Leg Wound Care Orange County, Dr. Thomas Rambacher and our team spend a good deal of time trying to keep those two statistics apart through advanced wound care. Our mission is to provide the most up-to-date, science-based care for foot, ankle, and leg wounds, helping patients to avoid infection and amputation wherever possible.

A big reason why we excel in advanced wound care is because Dr. Rambacher is certified by the American Professional Wound Care Association® (APWCA).

Why wound care credentials matter 

Anytime a physician or health care provider is certified in a certain area, it means that they have gone above and beyond the already extensive medical training they received. In Dr. Rambacher’s case, not only did he earn a degree in podiatric medicine, he’s also a double board-certified surgeon and wound care specialist.

While these distinctions are invaluable and speak to the extensive training Dr. Rambacher has under his belt, he didn’t stop there when it came to understanding all that he can about treating difficult lower limb wounds.

To ensure that he stays abreast of the latest studies, science, and innovations in wound care, he maintains a certification by the American Board of Wound Healing (ABWH).

Wound certification — top level care

The purpose of the ABWH is to:

  • Improve wound care
  • Maintain high standards of wound care
  • Evaluate specialists for initial certification
  • Grant certificates of added qualification (CAQ)
  • Provide recertification

Not only did Dr. Rambacher undergo a rigorous certification process for advanced wound care, he maintains his certification through recertifying. Not to mention, the ABWH can revoke certification, which means certified practitioners have to maintain a high standard of wound care to remain certified.

What wound certifications means for you

Wound certification at the level we describe above means that you’re benefiting from the very latest science and treatments, which are all geared toward preventing foot, ankle, and leg ulcers from becoming limb-threatening health issues.

When you see us for a slow-healing or problematic foot ulcer, you can rest assured that Dr. Rambacher will leave no stone unturned when it comes to your wound care, which might include:

If you have more questions about wound certification or which approach is best for your lower limb wound, we invite you to call our office in Mission Viejo, California, at 949-832-6018 or request an appointment online today.