Foot and Limb Salvage

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Foot and Limb Salvage

Foot and limb salvage is a complex surgery involving many techniques to prevent an amputation. Board-certified podiatric surgeon and limb salvage expert Thomas Rambacher, DPM, FACFAS, FAPWCA, at Foot Ankle Leg Wound Care Orange County in Mission Viejo, California, has extensive experience restoring severely damaged limbs. Dr. Rambacher and his team have a simple but profound approach: We save legs; that’s what we do. When hope seems to disappear, don’t give up. Call the office right away or use online booking to request an immediate foot and limb salvage appointment.

Foot and Limb Salvage Q&A

What is foot and limb salvage?

Foot and limb salvage refers to surgical procedures to prevent a lower limb amputation. Dr. Rambacher’s extensive experience and aggressive approach can save a limb threatened by a tumor or foot, ankle, or leg wounds.

Foot and leg wounds (ulcers) are caused by vascular complications arising from diabetes, vein disease (chronic venous insufficiency), and clogged arteries (peripheral artery disease). 

These wounds get progressively worse, leading to severe infections and gangrene, and the extensive tissue damage puts you at risk of losing your foot or leg.

What happens during foot and limb salvage?

Dr. Rambacher customizes your limb salvage surgery based on your unique wound and any underlying disease. However, saving your foot or leg includes two basic components.

First, Dr. Rambacher debrides the wound, removing all of the infected, dead, and damaged tissues. Then he performs reconstructive surgery, restoring structure and function through procedures like:

  • Flap reconstruction (orthoplastic surgery)
  • Bone grafting
  • Skin grafting
  • Joint replacements
  • Bone fusions
  • Muscle repair
  • Tendon or ligament reconstruction
  • Foot deformity correction
  • Revascularization procedures (to restore circulation)
  • External fixation (to support the limb)

Reconstructive surgery includes many possible procedures to restore your foot and lower leg after wounds and infections destroy the tissues.

What happens after foot and limb salvage?

Your recovery after foot and limb salvage takes time and patience. It takes time for new tissues to grow and blood vessels and nerves to reconnect. However, most people can return to most daily activities in about 4-6 weeks.

During your recovery, Dr. Rambacher provides wound care, infection management, and protective boots, casts, and orthotics. 

He may recommend restorative treatments like platelet-rich plasma injections that accelerate healing. As soon as possible, he clears you to start rehabilitation and physical therapy, starting the process of rebuilding strength and mobility.

Taking care of yourself has a crucial role in your recovery. Healing demands extensive energy and nutritional support. You need to get plenty of rest and follow a healthy diet to be sure your body has the nutrients it needs for the healing process.

Dr. Rambacher answers all of your questions, recommends dietary changes, and provides ongoing care to promote your optimal recovery.

If you face a possible amputation, you need the extensive wound care and limb salvage expertise of Dr. Rambacher at Foot Ankle Leg Wound Care Orange County. Call the office right away or connect online to request an immediate appointment.