Should You Seek a Second Opinion if Facing an Amputation?

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Should You Seek a Second Opinion if Facing an Amputation?

Did you know that every three-and-a-half minutes a limb is amputated in the United States because of diabetes? If you or a loved one has been told that you might be joining these ranks, whether due to diabetes or some other issue, we strongly urge you to get a second opinion. Especially for something this important.

We understand that, if you’re reading this, your road has been a long one and you just want this journey to be over. While amputation can certainly accomplish that, the cost is high, so it’s well worth your while to first sit down with a foot and limb salvage specialist.

Such an expert is found here at Foot Ankle Leg Wound Care Orange County. For decades, Dr. Thomas Rambacher has focused his podiatric practice on wound care and amputation prevention, making him an excellent choice for a second opinion on your impending amputation.

The cost of amputation

When you have a wound that doesn’t heal and infection sets in, wreaking havoc and killing off your tissues, the goal is to put an end to that infection. As we’re sure you’re aware, if conservative techniques fail and the infection starts to spread, amputation can put a definitive end to the problem.

While amputation can certainly be life-saving, it’s also irreversibly life-altering. Whether it’s a toe, part of your foot, your whole foot, or your lower leg, losing all or part of your limb can set you on the road to permanent disability.

More alarming still, nearly half of people who undergo a lower limb amputation due to vascular issues die within five years after the procedure.

Our goal here isn’t to scare you unnecessarily, but the fact is that we’re dealing with a very serious issue and frightening statistics like these are the reality. And these realities should compel you to leave no stone unturned when it comes to making a decision as important as amputation.

Limb salvage has come a long way

There are many reasons why we want you to seek a second opinion, starting with the simple fact that a second set of eyes is always a good idea and Dr. Rambacher might see something that your other medical providers missed.

We also feel that it’s important to seek the counsel of someone who’s devoted their practice to dealing with hard-to-heal wounds in an effort to prevent amputation.

Not only does Dr. Rambacher have in-depth experience with limb salvage, he stays abreast of the latest salvage and wound care techniques. With each advancement in dealing with wound care and slow-healing wounds, Dr. Rambacher is there, gathering information and incorporating it into his practice.

As a result of this diligence, Dr. Rambacher is a leading expert in the many different limb salvage techniques, including:

Not only is Dr. Rambacher well-versed in all of these salvage techniques, he knows which ones to use together for best results. In fact, Dr. Rambacher greets each case as if it’s a completely new challenge and tailors his wound care and limb salvage treatments to the individual, and not the disease.

To be sure, there are times when amputation is the best course of action and Dr. Rambacher won’t put you through treatments unnecessarily if there’s little chance of successful salvage.

The bottom line is that amputation is an extremely important and life-changing decision, so you want to make sure that you're on the right path. And a second opinion is a good way to figure that out.

To sit down with Dr. Rambacher to discuss whether amputation or limb salvage is best, please call our office in Mission Viejo, California, at 949-832-6018 or request an appointment online today.